i>Clicker 2 Hardware

Information Technology Services Learning Spaces offers full support for a new Student Response System. The i>clicker hardware is installed and ready to use in select general purpose classrooms. Because of its portability and rapid setup, we encourage any instructor interested in using this technology to review the information provided on this page. If you will be teaching in a room that is not equipped with the i>clicker hardware, using the instructor kit (provided at no charge) will allow implementation anywhere that a laptop computer can be used. With a moderate price of $39 for the clicker, and an online ten dollar rebate being offered to students who had previously purchased an InterWrite clicker, i>clicker 2 is an affordable engagement tool for the entire campus.

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Not only is it affordable, but the polling software can be used with any presentation notes, software or websites that you want to use as part of your instruction.  Questions can be asked aloud, on the fly with no preparation.  i>clicker captures a screen shot with every question to associate your questions with the poll results.  Last Spring, the system was thoroughly tested in a UNL lecture hall and met every requirement established by a group of instructors and IT support staff. Those requirements included one click Blackboard support for grading,  rapid reliable data collection, Mac and PC compatibility and options for a variety of answer types.

If you are considering the use of this technology, be sure to inform the University Bookstore that you wish to use the clickers for your class.  Training and support will be offered during the Power Classroom sessions provided by IS prior to the start of the semester. Company representatives will also be attending to provide creative methods to incorporate clickers in your instructional material.

Learning Spaces is excited about this change in student response systems. We are confident that it will become an adaptive tool that lets you teach and gather feedback from your students, involve students in each other’s success and create a collaborative atmosphere that inspires inquisitive thought and deep learning success.  Share your experience with your peers, join our Clicker User's Group in Blackboard and find out how others are using i>clicker. 



Training Date

Call 472-5511 to schedule individual or group training. Instructor "Kits" are also available at no cost.


Web Clicker App

We ask that you require your students to purchase the i>clicker 2 hardware from the bookstore at this time.  

Students with disabilities may receive a web based clicker solution as an accomodation.